Wine Making

We are Kansas City’s/ Lee’s Summit’s only Micro-Winery and make your own wine store. We help you to create and bottle your own high quality wine. In just two short visits to LMS Wine Creators you can create 29-30 bottles of your favorite wine. With our help you start your batch of wine in our store and then 6-8 weeks later you’ll come back, bottle your wine, cork your wine, and put your own personal custom label of your choice on your wine.

 We will manage all of the different steps your wine will go through. Making your wine a complete and fine vintage. In our quest for excellence we have found the finest vineyards to produce the raw juice that will eventually become your custom made wine. Only the finest harvests from these selected vineyards are chosen. The results are juices, which produce superb and premium wine vintage. Once your wine is bottled, be ready to drink and enjoy, however like any good wine it will only get better with a little age, so put away a few bottles for later. Your custom wine is great for gifts to friends, family and clients. And imagine having your own wine at your Wedding, Anniversary, or Birthday party.

Making your own wine is a party in itself. You will learn a lot and have fun doing it. Come as a couple, a group, an organization, or an individual and let the fun begin!


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