Wine List

All of our wines are available by the glass and by the bottle in our Lee's Summit store.
You can also make your own batch of any of our wines.

Our wines come in four categories, listed below. Click each link to see a list of the wines in each category.

 Exotic Breezes

These wines are created from blends of grape and other juices.


Estate Wines

The grapes for these wines come from estates/vineyards in the US.



The grapes for these wines come from estates/vineyards outside of the US.



These are our specialty ports and ice wines.

Wine Flights

Feather Lights: A collection of light & breezy white wines with a hint of sweet.
Spring Breeze
Little Green Apples

Field of Dreams: Our favorite whites of the slightly drier variety.
Aternoon Delight
Green Pastures
Tuscan White

Scarlet Fever: These are just a few of our favorite reds.
Chateau Red
Pie in the Sky
Red Truck

Euro-k!: A collection of our finest Eurpoean whites.
Happy Hour
Royal House
Mountain Brooke

Around the Word: A tantalizing trio of our top international picks.
Renaissance Red
Intensely Red
Cove's Red

Sweet 'n Neat: A tasty sampling our our speciale wines.
Purple Haze
First Freeze
Evening Delight











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